As a mother, educator and Assembly candidate for the San Fernando Valley, education is crucially important to me. Like all parents, I want my child to get the best education possible.

There are some wonderful schools in our neighborhoods, but other schools that could and should be better.

California has the potential to lead the nation in education policy for all children, but it’s going to take work. By rewarding quality teachers and keeping children’s interests at the center of education legislation and spending, we can ensure our Valley students get what they deserve: first-rate schools for everyone.

Please join me in celebrating the wonderful teachers in our schools, and let’s ensure in November that our children have access to the best education.

On November 8th, you have the opportunity to bring about real change. California is poised to be a national leader in our approach to education, and you have the power to make that change a reality.

My approach to education is to:

  • Reward quality teachers;
  • Hold underperforming teachers and school administrators accountable; and
  • Ensure excellence in education for ALL kids, regardless of their zip code.

I would be most grateful for your support and vote on November 8th.

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